Celebratory S’mores !

Do you remember the stuff you used to eat as a kid? I was thinking about this the other day. I was one of those children that hated vegetables. Hated them! although if push really came to shove I may have been ok with eating carrots and peas. Thats it!

By the time my teen years rolled around I began to eat ‘normally’ and started to really enjoy veggies. I’d like to congratulate myself on being rather adventurous actually.

Nowadays my diet is probably 85% plant-based. Isn’t that funny? There are a few things however that I definitely recall eating during my childhood that I think every child should be compelled to try- even if they do happen to be diabetic or belong to those I-don’t-allow-my-children-to-have-sugar parents. 

These are some of the “snacks” my younger brother and I used to whip up in the kitchen from time to time:

Caramel coated popcorn – yes I know, you can buy it from the store but really, homemade is just so much better- especially when the caramel is still hot!

Rice-Crispie treats- you know the ones that are made into little bars by ‘gluing’ the Rice-Crispies together with melted marshmallows

Condensed milk in the tube- don’t think I need to say more here!!!

‘Treat’ caramel smeared on Marie Biscuits- this always reminds me of a girl, Megan I went to school with because whenever we would go on field-trips, she would ALWAYS have her tin of ‘Treat’ with her and a packet of Marie’s. Just a word of warning- these are totally addictive but are known to cause some serious abdominal pain if one consumes the whole tin of caramel. Who would eat an entire tin, you may ask. – As I said, they’re addictive.

S’mores- Marie Biscuit sandwiches filled with sweet puffy marshmellow and melted chocolate. These were pretty much a standard item on our midnight feast menu’s at boarding school. Yes, they are delicious.

It has been a while since I’ve thought about these wonderful treats, but while standing in the queue at Pick’nPay last week, I came across the little packets of ‘mini’ Marie Biscuits. I wasn’t aware that they were produced in such cute bite-sized portions!

Obviously when I saw them, only once thing came to mind…Mini S’mores!!!

Today presented the perfect opportunity to assemble these little guys. One of my lecturers has just sent off the first draft of her novel which she’s been working on for 2 years. If you’re a writer, you’ll know that something of this nature is pretty big. So as a class we have decided to help her celebrate. I thought that these bite-sized treats would be a perfect little something something to say “Well Done Karen!”

Hope she likes them!

 Don’t feel left out because you can rustle these up for yourself at home. And really, you should because they are dead easy to make.

All you need is:

-Packet of mini Marie Biscuits



 So all that needs to be done is to chop up the marshmallows into smaller pieces (so that they fit onto the biscuits)

 pop them into the microwave until the marshmellow doubles in size. Top the oozing marshmellow with a piece of chocolate and watch it melt. Then top with another Marie and press together. Either pop straight into your mouth for instant pleasure, or leave to stand until you need them!

Easy peasy Japanesey 🙂