Col’Cacchio launches Pizza Foro

My one editor dubbed last month ‘Sober October‘ (i.e no drinking for the month). But after convincing her that it was a bad idea and an enterprise doomed to fail, we changed it to ‘No-hangover October‘. This was unquestionably more successful and I think she’s glad she made the switch!

Now that we’ve entered a new month, and are hurtling towards Summer at full speed, we’re calling November ‘Slender November‘. Nobody wants to set foot on Clifton looking like a beached whale and so we’re trying to gently lower our calorie intake by skipping the morning muffins and saying no to our mid-afternoon chocolate binges. Instead we are gorging on healthy salads chock-full of veggies, crunchy nuts and lots of chicken and fish.

That all sounds easy, you may say… but honestly – it’s definitely not. Not when you get deliveries of beer bread mixes, and salted caramel Rice Krispie treats and marshmallow pops and, and and! It never ends. Thankfully though, when we were invited to the launch of Col’Cacchio‘s new pizza range – Pizza Foro, our heart skipped a beat. Because in true Col’Cacchio we-like-to-be-different style, the restaurant chain has been so clever and brought out their version of a ‘skinny pizza’. I kid you not! These people totally get us.

Have a look here

The whole thing weighs in at roughly 500 calories.

I must have had about 3 or 4 slices of pizza and then conceded to join a friend for a 10Km run. No bloating.No feeling lethargic.No nothing.

Col’Cacchio for the win!


10 Things I Learnt This Weekend

(Inspired by the lovely Janine from Being Brazen)

1. They make single vineyard estate wine in KwaZulu Natal

2. Watching people sing their national anthems on TV gives me goosebumps

3. Wedgewood cranberry almond nougat is perfectly acceptable to have for breakfast

4. Hilton College is a beautiful school

5. il Postino Pizzeria in the midlands make THE best pizza bases I have eaten

6. Second-hand smoke is the most terrible infliction on any NON-smoker!!!!

7. In Natal a “hundee” =R100 note

8. Trying to keep your hair smoothed down and neat while boating on the Midmar dam is an extremely futile activity

9. It’s always nice to catch up with old friends you haven’t seen since first year

10. Getting up at 4am for a 6.30am flight is way more easier said than done