Halloween marshmallow pops

Marshmallow pops

My friend Shaina sent us a little package the other day. Halloween marshmallow pops!

How adorable do they look?

Even though Halloween isn’t a South African holiday, I’m definitely going to be getting some from her for my friends as little treats.

How fun!




Free-range liquid eggs

Excuse the chipped nail polish. (Manicure is on the cards for tomorrow!!)

Liquid eggs. Is this a first for South Africa? You can easily find them in other countries and I found out this morning that they’re now available here. The bottles were delivered to our offices with much ooohing and aahing. I have to be honest and say that buying liquid eggs has never, (I mean EVER!) appealed to me. I get the enticement of convenience products but how far out of the way does one have to go to crack open an egg??! Liquid egg whites are a different story and I can see this helps with eliminating the wastage of egg yolks if you only want the whites.

The product is made by The Free Range Chicken Co. based in Durbanville, Cape Town and at this stage I’m not sure how much a bottle would cost but the PR chickie must be pleased as peach punch because after we got them, my editor, Cath, tweeted a pic and within minutes, Rob Vember retweeted and was talking about us on 5FM!!!!!

Am going to give these a try and see if its something I would think about introducing to my grocery trolley. There’s a time and place for everything, right?

Had any experience with liquid eggs? Yay or nay? (this is mostly directed at my US friends)

Barrett’s Ridge beer bread

This is pure genius! A bread pre-mix that needs only one extra ingredient: a can of beer.

Why didn’t anyone think of this before?!

My friend Tayrene resigned from her job a couple of weeks ago and while wondering to myself what she might do next, (there have been mumblings of things “in the pipeline”), the above package magically found its way onto my desk. A great start to Monday.  Thanks Tay!!

The product is labelled under Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread and comes in real artisinal, old school packaging which I just adore. There are 4 flavours to choose from:

– Original

– Chilli & Garlic

– Garlic & Herb

– Italian Cheese

Another great stocking filler for sure!! Check out the website for more info.

PS. Tayrene will be showcasing the product at this month’s TjingTjing night market.