Why I love my city

Lion's Head

Waking up at 5.15 to see the sun rise from the top of Lion’s Head: Priceless


Who’s up for a challenge?

There are literally 12 days until Knysna and I’m getting really excited!! If I think back on how much fun I had last time… I know that it’s going to be a jol of note! In all honesty I know I could be better prepared race-wise.. I just haven’t had the luxury of sunlight that would enable me to get in decent mileage (I refuse to run in the dark and the boredom levels that come with running over 8Km on a treadmill… oh my gosh, I’m not even going to talk about it! Bleh!). I’m not worried that I won’t finish but I’m being realistic and know I won’t clock a Sub-2. It is what it is.

Hopefully this feeling of ‘unprepared-ness’ will have some way of motivating me to train harder for this!! (Gulp)

The Namaqua Flower Run

Pic: trailrunning.co.za

Last week I received the following email from my flatmate:

Hi guys
Sam and I have just entered this – it’s the Flower Run in Namaqualand on the 8th of September. We entered the 20k one but there is also a 10k. Apparently the 20k is so tough it’s stupid….However hectic it is, it sounds amazing and if anything it will be cool to go away for a weekend in the Northern Cape. Plus it’s a nice run to work towards…
Have a read and if you are keen book now – apparently limited space.”

Now, let me just announce that I’ve never been to the Northern Cape so it would be a great opportunity to explore that part of the country. The race itself has me feeling a little anxious, especially after reading the email and watching this..

But I was talking to my friend Pips the other day and we are both dying to do something physically challenging and this seems to fit the bill perfectly. A weekend away with friends, camping out in the middle of nowhere (I would never in a million years classify myself as ‘a camper’ but that’s all part of the challenge, don’t you think?), and summiting the highest peak in the Northern Cape. Sounds like fun right … right??!

I’ve bitten the bullet and entered the 20Km.

Let the games begin!!

Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge 2012… We’re in!

Pic: Runner’s World

I did a very impulsive thing yesterday…

I entered the Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge. This is one of Cape Town’s most popular trail races and goes literally around Table Mountain. I did it in 2009 as part of a team and had such a blast! (even though I only ran the first and shortest leg!)

Super amped with my just-woken-up face!

I was notified last week in an email from the organisers about this year’s entry date (which was yesterday).  As it turns out my flatmate also received the email and we decided, rather spontaneously that we would run it together. We just needed one more person to make up a team and in no time at all, her boyfriend offered to join  us.

We went online at 12h00 when the entries opened but the site was down for at least half an hour. Don’t you hate it when that happens?! After a rather nail-biting wait, we got an entry! Whoop!!

I’m looking forward to it but I’m also dreading it. The last time I ran on anything resembling a trail was 6 months ago. Gaaaah! That only means one thing.. someone has to get their A into G!!!!!  Thankfully Tanielle (my flatmate) is a trail-running machine so motivation to train will be too accessible to make excuses.

Gooooooooooo team 🙂

Wish us luck!


Trail Running in Tokai

6am Sunrise in Tokai Forest

I woke up at 5 O’clock on Saturday to a misty, blustery wet morning and had major thoughts about just curling deeper under my warm feather duvet… ’cause that’s what normal people do, right? The First Ascent Trail run was starting at 06h30 and I’d committed earlier in the week to running it. The things I get myself into!

It’s been a good two years since the last time my trail shoes came face to face with so much mud! I laugh thinking back to how squeamish I used to be about getting wet and muddy but as my ex boyfriend would always say,
“It’s not trail running if you don’t jump in the puddles!” I have to say, the boy was right…There’s nothing quite like bounding your way through mountain streams, dodging big loose stones and having mud splattered all up your legs while witnessing the sun rise on an early Spring morning. I would go so far as to say it’s probably one of the best things about living in Cape Town; being able to go for early morning runs in the mountains.

The route snaked its way through the Tokai forest, up above the surrounding vineyards of what I think was either Buitenverwachting or Klein Constantia? I must say the first 7 or 8km were quite undulating with more ups than downs, but what made the entire run so much fun was that I was running with two friends and we chatted the WHOLE time which really took my mind off the never-ending uphills! My intention wasn’t to get a certain time, but just to enjoy the general vibe- get some endorphins for the day and give my legs a little wake-up call after their long holiday in lazy-land.

I thought I’d be uber stiff on Sunday…considering I hadn’t run anything close to 15km in many many, many months- but I think yoga has definitely helped in this regard. Yayy! At least I know something’s working!! So, after Saturday’s glorious run and the fact that it’s almost summer… I’ve now become more motivated to get off my beeee-hind, lace up my running shoes and hit the road (or trail!)

Here’s to sweaty summery runs! And being able to indulge in more peanut butter

(Wait, did I just say that out loud?!)