Weekend highlights

A hike up Lion’s Head on Saturday seemed pretty much compulsory – as the weather Gods were in such a great mood. (If you’ve lived through a Cape Town winter you’ll know it’s imperative to strike while the irons hot!!!)

And Sundays are just that much better with a little Myög treat 😉

Feeling refreshed and ready to face yet another exciting, action-packed week!


Move Aside Marcel’s !

Hello my name is Tessa, and I’m addicted to frozen yoghurt…

That smooth, creamy, mouth-puckering tartness that not only relieves one on a sweltering hot day (and trust me, we’ve had LOTS of those!), but tickles the senses and reminds you that no matter what happens in life… frozen yoghurt will make it all OK.

You won’t be surprised then when I tell you that I gave an internal squeal of excitement when I came across MyOg in one of my favourite streets. It’s very discreet and rather hard to spot but once you know where it is, and once you’ve walked through the door… the world outside is but a forgotten memory!

Now, let me just say upfront that this place ‘aint cheap! A small portion of froyo plus 2 toppings will set you back R30.95 and the more toppings you add and the bigger the size- the higher the price. I just can’t justify spending this much on such a small portion of something that I’m known to inhale in minutes! So for me, it’s a treat. Not like the mandatory and all-too-frequently ingested coffee and chocolate in my diet.

I’m rather surprised that it’s taken Cape Town so long to get a place like this because in the UK and USA Frozen yoghurt bars are all over the place !!!

I suppose the froyo culture here (excuse the pun!), hasn’t really taken off.

Just you wait, people, just you wait!

Anyway, I whatsapp’d my friend Vanessa on Saturday afternoon;

Craving a MyOg’, I thumb-typed. “See you there at 6!

Now it’s always such a tough decision-making process when ordering because they have such a variety of toppings to choose from and when you know how much you’re paying- you want to make absolute sure it’s the BEST COMBO YOU’VE EVER HAD IN YOU’RE LIFE.

Sorry, but that’s just how it is.

Eveeeeeentually we had our “final answer” and went with two plain flavours (they only have a choice of plain and chocolate, to which you add your selected toppings).

On the one we opted for banana and yoghurt covered peanuts, and the other – mango and coconut! While Vanessa’s boyfriend Blake (who tagged along for some guy-ness), chose chocolate flavour + crumbled Oreos. His looked amazing!!!

The entire place has a very light, airy, minimalist sort of feel with a lot of “grass” all over the place and a white, pink and green colour scheme. They embrace the “wellness” aspect and they push the fact that all the yoghurt is “98% fat-free”. But don’t let that fool you. It’s actually got quite a bit of sugar in it! I asked the man serving if they had any that was just plain and unsweetened. (I really like that sour, tart, muncu flavour the best). Sadly, they don’t but they might be thinking of including it in the range at some stage.

Another reason that I like going to MyOg is that there’s some pretty decent eye-candy! The men who work there are all European/French.

It’s a good thing that when I’m there it’s usually a hot day, as the colour of my cheeks are already rather pink… you know, from the heat!!!!!!

MyOg is situated at 103 Kloof Street and is open from 10am-10pm and 12pm-10pm on Sundays.

Oh! And they also give away free badges!