A New Favourite

Hello friends!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Cape Town experienced its first real hot day on Saturday. In fact my twitter feed was crammed with nothing but pics of knobbly white knee’s, sand and patches of blurry blue background. OKAAYYY PEOPLE! We get it, you’re at the beach!! Sadly, I was stuck inside the whole day working but I did manage to take a break at about 6pm when the sun was starting to dip.

A walk along the promenade seemed to be the perfect way to get some blood flowing through the legs and being outside enabled me to enjoy the sound of families laughing, children playing and the general mellow, unhurried atmosphere that comes with a gorgeous day in Cape Town.

The main reason I left the house however, was to satisfy a very deep craving for (my favourite!) frozen Yoghurt. I was thinking of just popping into the Shell Select store and grabbing some Marcel’s but I always feel SO ripped off when I buy a small little 270ml tub for R17-ish !!!! I mean, really?!

I decided rather to head to Woolworths where the tubs are a bit cheaper- think R12. The chocolate flavour TOTALLY hit the spot and I can see that these “froyo” tubs are going to make themselves a comfy little spot inside my freezer this summer! Oh yes.

In one word: DELICIOUS!

A new favourite treat



To Market To Market…

New in my teapot this week is some Clipper orange and coconut fruit infusion.


I picked this up at the Hout Bay Market on Saturday. It was actually my first time visiting this new crowd-puller (shock, horror-I know!!) but now that I’ve been…I just want to go back again and again! In my opinion it is one of the best markets we have in Cape Town!

I enjoyed it for so many different reasons but one (and this is a big one!) was that I didn’t feel like I was constantly stepping on people’s toes or squeezing past inert baby strollers. There was actually space to breathe! Unlike some other indoor markets I’ve frequented.

Normally I would do a quick walk-through, grab something to eat, maybe hang around for while to people-watch…but Saturday was totally different, and in a good way. I arrived with my friend Tanya at around 11h00 and when we left it was almost 18h00! There was just so much to see and buy and so many interesting people to talk to. Did I mention the food? Oh, the food!!! I think an hour out of the 7 that we were there- was literally spent deciding what we wanted to eat.

Serious decisions, I tell you. Serious.

I opted for a delicious pesto and veggie oatmeal Panini from a tall, dark Turkish guy with a sweet smile, who quickly and very deftly assembled and handed to me. It cost R30 which I suppose for market food is reasonable, and I will say it was very tasty but I think he could have dropped the price by just a fraction.

After the savoury kick, my taste buds were desperate for some FroYo!!!! I had actually been craving some the whole week and even tweeted that I thought Cape Town needed a good Frozen Yoghurt shop. Dum dum dum…

Enter – YoCulture

They offer plain tart yoghurt and serve it in a rather substantially-sized recyclable cup with a plethora of different fruit, nut, cookie, and chocolate toppings. I was in heaven! Unfortunately the whole thing was gone before I even had a chance to snap a pic:( Oh dear. Next time…

There were just waaaay too many things that I loved about this market, like:

The stunning flowers from Bitter Sweet

And these gorgeous shoes…

Oh, and the unique pieces of furniture…
Tanya and I both LOVED the swing couch and probably spent about half an hour on it, languidly resting our tired legs , shifting positions every now and then and day-dreaming about how amazing it would look in both of our “future houses”.

We also had fun at the hat stall…

Of course we couldn’t walk away from these babies…

And for the health-conscious among us, there were smoothies that looked deliciously thirst-quenching (although as a side note- personally I don’t believe smoothies are that great if not made to order. But that’s just me)…

On our way out I found this little guy playing. He seemed so absorbed in his own world but happily obliged to smile for a quick pic. Too cute!