Let’s talk running

Remember two weeks ago I spoke about running the Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge?

Well, firstly let me say this:

If climbing a trillion and three steps, or bouldering aren’t your thing… I wouldn’t recommend it.


If gorgeous views, running through waterfalls, across extruding tree roots and uneven terrain with a 2 Litre hydration pack on your back is, then it’s definitely something to scribble onto that bucket list!

Although the temperature was pretty hot out on the mountain and each Km felt more tough and strenuous than the last, I had such a good time and can’t wait to do it again next year! Maybe even just for the jol at the finish line.

Now that Crazy Store is over, next order of business is the 94.5KFM Gun Run on 14 October. I must be honest and say I haven’t put in nearly enough mileage on the road for this race so it’ll be an interesting day! I also miss not getting texts from my Knysna half marathon training buddy saying, “Run this evening? Promenade?

Training alone has it’s pro’s and cons but it really helps having someone to chat to when your brain is tired of talking to itself. So I’m actually thinking of joining a running club in the hope that:

a) It’ll motivate me get out onto the road more

b) Meet more people in the running community -> which will lead back to a)

At the moment my two options are Acsis VOB and AAC

Any recommendations??







Sheee-aat girl !!

I just happened to stumble upon some photographic evidence of why my race was cancelled on Saturday! *Gulp*

Let’s just say I’m relieved I never made it past the the starting line!

Who’s up for a challenge?

There are literally 12 days until Knysna and I’m getting really excited!! If I think back on how much fun I had last time… I know that it’s going to be a jol of note! In all honesty I know I could be better prepared race-wise.. I just haven’t had the luxury of sunlight that would enable me to get in decent mileage (I refuse to run in the dark and the boredom levels that come with running over 8Km on a treadmill… oh my gosh, I’m not even going to talk about it! Bleh!). I’m not worried that I won’t finish but I’m being realistic and know I won’t clock a Sub-2. It is what it is.

Hopefully this feeling of ‘unprepared-ness’ will have some way of motivating me to train harder for this!! (Gulp)

The Namaqua Flower Run

Pic: trailrunning.co.za

Last week I received the following email from my flatmate:

Hi guys
Sam and I have just entered this – it’s the Flower Run in Namaqualand on the 8th of September. We entered the 20k one but there is also a 10k. Apparently the 20k is so tough it’s stupid….However hectic it is, it sounds amazing and if anything it will be cool to go away for a weekend in the Northern Cape. Plus it’s a nice run to work towards…
Have a read and if you are keen book now – apparently limited space.”

Now, let me just announce that I’ve never been to the Northern Cape so it would be a great opportunity to explore that part of the country. The race itself has me feeling a little anxious, especially after reading the email and watching this..

But I was talking to my friend Pips the other day and we are both dying to do something physically challenging and this seems to fit the bill perfectly. A weekend away with friends, camping out in the middle of nowhere (I would never in a million years classify myself as ‘a camper’ but that’s all part of the challenge, don’t you think?), and summiting the highest peak in the Northern Cape. Sounds like fun right … right??!

I’ve bitten the bullet and entered the 20Km.

Let the games begin!!

Tashas in Constantia, a new favourite

Hello to a new week and a new month. June is here and the winter solstice is only 16 days away. (Yes, I’m counting!!) I woke up this morning and thought, ‘Tessa what have you actually done  in the last 5 months??!’

Uh….let’s talk about that another time!

This weekend was filled with wine, pizza, running, brunching and reading. In a nutshell- all the things I ♥ !  An added bonus was that I didn’t have to haul out my raincoat once!! Yesterday was especially beautiful. Bright, sunny and warm with a hint of winter dryness in the air.

I met Sierra for a long run through the vineyards in Constantia. According to her Garmin we covered 11 miles (which after a quick calculation, equates to 17.7km). A delicious breakfast was inhaled consumed soon afterwards at Tashas. It was my first visit to the Cape Town branch but I’ve eaten at the one in Gateway twice.

My thoughts? Love it !

Tashas in Constantia

We got there at peak Sunday brunch hour so not surprisingly the place was heaving. Heady wafts of coffee and intoxicating smells of baked goods emerging from the kitchen had me telepathically thanking Sierra for the post-run breakfast suggestion! We were seated outside which was perfect as we were able to catch some sunny rays and merge  into the bustling, chatty atmosphere. Plus it offered great opportunity for people-watching!

We ordered drinks from our friendly and highly competent waiter who displayed a great sense of hospitality and provided top-notch service throughout the meal. I normally would’ve slammed him with a coffee order but the thought of freshly squeezed orange juice made my thirst-quenching glands (are there even such things??!) tingle! I’m so glad I ordered this because it was amazing!!!! Anything citrus for me in winter = heaven!

Now, if you’ve been to Tashas, you’ll know that the menu is rather extensive! And if you’re as indecisive as me…well, you’re in for a pretty tough time because there are so many amazing sounding dishes from which to make your choice. After going back and forth, and back and forth and back again, I finally decided upon the Breakfast Royale from the ‘Healthy appetite’ section – 2 poached eggs on asparagus spears, topped with a light lemon sauce, served with crispy Pama ham (optional) and a choice of health bread or polenta toast.

I was really happy with this choice. It totally hit the spot! My eggs were poached to perfection (for me) although I noticed they serve very small eggs! Hmmmm…  They were enveloped in a sauce that was smooth and velvety and very ‘light and lemon’- staying true to the menu description. The eggs were perched atop a layer of blanched asparagus spears and some salty and crisp Pama ham which provided a nice meaty contrast. I chose the polenta toast which was the base of the dish. The texture was spot on being creamy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The only disappointment was that the polenta itself was rather under-seasoned so I had to hike it up with a lot of salt!

Sierra had this which looked phenomenal and came in a gorgeous copper pan. (I really admire their presentation!)

Sierra’s husband, Lennie – who met us at Tashas, had a version of the ‘classic’ breakfast which also looked deliciously appetizing.

I will definitely be making a plan to go back to try a few of their lunch options!

Motivation Monday

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a health or fitness blogger per sé but it’s something I do write about from time to time when I feel the urge. (I’m supposed to be a Wellness ambassador after all!) For the most part this blog is more of an accumulation of random moments, people, products, recipes and stories with a small dose of exercise-talk sprinkled here and there.

Now that I’m mid-training for Knysna, my mind is definitely in the “exercise-zone” , more so than it has been for quite a while. I’m seeing it as a good thing. Wouldn’t you agree?

But sometimes the mind (and the body!) get a little weary and it’s so easy to start doubting yourself and ask whether you’ve really put enough effort into your training etc etc. So I was happy to see this little slideshow appear  in my mailbox this morning- sent from the SuperHero 2 Chase team… (Click image)

They really are doing a great job of making sure all us runners have the right mind-set. Ready to tackle the road this week!

Today was a rest day and I tend to take full advantage of it by going to see  The Lucky One tonight with two of my girlfriends. Hot, buttery popcorn and Zac Efron? Mondays could be worse!


Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge 2012… We’re in!

Pic: Runner’s World

I did a very impulsive thing yesterday…

I entered the Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge. This is one of Cape Town’s most popular trail races and goes literally around Table Mountain. I did it in 2009 as part of a team and had such a blast! (even though I only ran the first and shortest leg!)

Super amped with my just-woken-up face!

I was notified last week in an email from the organisers about this year’s entry date (which was yesterday).  As it turns out my flatmate also received the email and we decided, rather spontaneously that we would run it together. We just needed one more person to make up a team and in no time at all, her boyfriend offered to join  us.

We went online at 12h00 when the entries opened but the site was down for at least half an hour. Don’t you hate it when that happens?! After a rather nail-biting wait, we got an entry! Whoop!!

I’m looking forward to it but I’m also dreading it. The last time I ran on anything resembling a trail was 6 months ago. Gaaaah! That only means one thing.. someone has to get their A into G!!!!!  Thankfully Tanielle (my flatmate) is a trail-running machine so motivation to train will be too accessible to make excuses.

Gooooooooooo team 🙂

Wish us luck!


Running Knysna half marathon for Chase Winshaw

How to avoid obesity while working for an online food publication:

Enter a marathon. (Well, half marathon!)

In an attempt to keep the kilo’s off this winter while still enjoying all my favourite comfort foods (read chocolate and red wine), I’ve entered the Knysna half marathon. Plus it’s actually a really fun race. One I haven’t run in 3 years. Gaah!

I’ll be doing it for the Superhero2Chase charity which raises funds for Chase Winshaw, a little boy with cerebral palsy.

Now, about training…

Since I’ve recently moved to a different part of town I’ve had to get used to running in a totally different neighbourhood. Of course I miss the ‘burbs’- running through Newlands forest, beautiful Constantia and Bishop’s Court . I also miss the stunning views along Chapman’s Peak. The Atlantic seaboard just has that calming ocean-ness about it. I’m really really loving my new neighbourhood though and discovering a different part of it each day.

I think I’ve found Oranjezicht’s “promenade”!

Molteno Reservoir is a very calming place to walk/run and the views over the city bowl’s high-rise buildings, are just magical.

I also love passing the cute-looking houses lining the (rather hilly!) streets. They all have a certain charm and character to them that sort of make me want to knock on the door and invite myself in for tea.



Anyway, now that it’s winter and daylight hours are at a dispiriting minimum,  I’ve had to resort to running on the treadmill during the week (kill me now!!!!!) or hope to increase my fitness with short 45 min fartlek runs.

I think I need to up my game a bit. I have just under 10 weeks.

That’s enough time right? …