Hot, Hotter, Hottest…

Yesterday was hot. Like REALLY hot!!!

It seems that the Southern part of South Africa is experiencing a bit of a heat-wave. Usually when the temperature exceeds the norm, us muggles flock to the beach after work, find the nearest pool or take cover within a (well) air-conditioned building. Apparently I decided to ignore that memo!

At 16h15 yesterday afternoon when it was still about 38 degrees C, I headed out the door with my mat and water bottle, ready to brave the brutal heat of a Bikram yoga class. WHAT WAS I THINKING????!!! To be honest, when it was over and I’d had time to re-compose myself, I took a few breaths and realised I actually felt better and that my life wouldn’t be ending quite yet. Boy, was it HOTTTTTTTT !!!!!

You want to know the worst part though? Today is probably hotter than yesterday. I swear! But it didn’t stop me from getting out of bed at 5.30 for a morning gym session. Nope.

You see, I drew up an exercise schedule for the week- something I don’t normally do. They say that if you write stuff down in your calendar/diary, like making time to train or whatever it is that’s important to you- you’re more likely to stick to it. Turns out “they” are right!! And the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with it? They’re right about that too. It’s a really good way to keep yourself accountable and “on track”, especially if you’re like me and spent most of December horizontal on a piece of furniture with a bowl of Hershey’s Kisses at your side.

Am I painting a bad picture of myself?

Oh well, we all have our weaknesses

………… right?!

Do you ever make “schedules” for things that you would normally put off? Has it worked for you?


It Only Makes You Stronger…

Phew! Where to begin…

This week (and last week for that matter), have been quite busy training-wise. I said in a previous post that I thought it was time to up the ante at gym and let me tell you…its left me shattered- but in the best way possible! So far Pippa and myself have been to 3 tough sessions at Transfit

In one of them we basically did an hour (no recovery!) of bodyweight exercises mixed with cardio. To say that things got dark for me during that hour would be an understatement. But don’t worry I won’t afflict you with the gory details.

Jeannie D’s trainer actually gave us a similar workout to what he puts her through before she has a big shoot! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod….. Now I know why she looks so phenomenal!

The point of this post actually was to talk about yoga. Yes.

I signed up (together with my friend Vanessa) for a month of unlimited classes at Jai Yoga studio. What a great place! I’m so glad I found it. Everything inside is white (Like, everything!). There’s just the most amazing calm, serene atmosphere that I find soothing and relaxing.

They offer mostly hot yoga- Bikram and hot Vinyasa, which we both luuuuurve! but they also do non-heated Ashtanga classes as well as Yoga Nidra which is like really deep meditation (I went to a Nidra class last night and almost fell asleep it was so calming).

So in between gyming in the mornings before 7am, I’m trying to cram as many yoga classes into the month as I can. I’ve been to 3 so far this week and hoping to fit in another 3 depending on how my arms feel because right now they feel like absolute jelly from push-ups and chaturanga’s.

My reasoning though is that if it doesn’t kill you… it only makes you ?